Terms of delivery in Lithuania and to the European Union countries are described below. All the conditions for the delivery of goods to other countries have to be negotiated separately via e-mail

We can deliver the goods in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by the courier company UAB Venipak Lt or by post (using the services of AB Lietuvos paštas). Goods to the remaining European Union countries are delivered by post.

Terms of delivery and delivery costs are provided below:

 Delivery method & destination country 

Delivery terms

Delivery cost, EUR

Lithuania- courier

up to 2 working days


Lithuania- post

up to 5 working days


Latvia- courier

2-3 working days


Latvia- post

up to 7 working days


Estonia- courier

3-4 working days


Estonia- post

up to 7 working days


Other EU countries- post

up to 7 working days


Remaining countries

 to be negotiated via 

 to be negotiated via 


Please ensure that having chosen the delivery method by a courier company, you will provide the delivery address where the courier will be able to find you during the working hours. It is the policy of UAB Venipak Lt to send the recipient an information sms in the evening prior to the delivery day and to call the recipient on the delivery day to ensure that the recipient will be present at the stated address. This policy applies to physical persons only. Companies are not informed by UAB Venipak Lt prior to delivering the parcel.

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